Visiting the Lazio Region of Italy


Thursday, June 7, 2012
by Dan Simon

The Lazio Region of Italy is located in the central area of the Italian peninsula and is the divide between the north and the south.  The west coast of this region overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea.  Since the country of Italy is commonly known as the shape of a boot…  to get an idea of its geographic location just look down at your leg and it would be located just above and below your knee.  The name Lazio (pronounced ‘lattsjo) comes from the Latin, LATIUM.  Lazio is divided into five Provinces – Frosinone (FR), Latina (LT), Rieti (RT), Roma (RM), and Viterbo (VT).

Lazio Region and Provinces

The Lazio region is rich in culture and history perhaps most famously for being the center of the Roman Empire as well it is the world center of the Catholic religion home to the Vatican. The foundation of ancient Rome begins in the 8th century BC.  Outside of Rome this region is mostly plains and hills with a mountain region located in the Province of Rieti.

More than have the population of the entire region live in or around the city of Rome.  Lazio is the third most populated and the second richest region of Italy.  Rome has pioneered many engineering feats that have been the foundation of the technologies we benefit from today.  The area has inspired countless motion pictures like Gladiator.

There is no argument that can be made how much this region has influenced and inspired the world for centuries and that influence has even stretched to Urbanfloor and our Villa Caprisi Collection and hence the name ‘Lazio’  as the name of one of the 8-colors in this collection.  To view photos and get more details simply visit HERE.


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  1. Jubair says:

    Dear Nick,This is long overdue, but I furgie we all like to receive good reports even when they are slow in coming! I do apologize for not emailing sooner!We had a wonderful time on our Meditarranean Cruise , and I especially want to thank you for the tours we had in Italy with Raphaella, Marizio, and Dominico. The two special guides, Sasha at Pompeii and Manuella at The Vatican Museum , were also top notch. All the tours covered so much ground and we saw so much in a short time; that would never have occured on a bus trip.As we were nearing the end of our day in Rome, my sister wanted to check off on her map what we had seen just so she would remember. There were 16 things; we had seen them all! Of course, we had to keep moving, but we never felt rushed. All the people you sent for us were professional yet personable. I also loved that they were all so passionate about what they were showing us; this was more than just a job and it showed! It is indeed a small world anymore and I have already forwarded information about your company to two other groups who will be traveling there next year! I’m sure all your people are good, but I know we would request these specific people again. Thanks again for your part in making our dream trip come true. If we ever come again ,we will be in touch for sure! I have been prayng for continued healing for you from your accident and know God answers prayer! All the best in 2009 God bless!Mary Ann and Keith Eckhart

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