Reduce Water Exposure to Your Hardwood Floors When It Rains

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March 17, 2012
by Ron Call

Ron Call, your Urbanfloor Guy

It’s a rainy day here in So Cal.  Make sure you have walk-off mats placed at your front door and any other high traffic entry ways into your home to reduce water exposure to your floors. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take off your shoes after being outside in the wet weather as well.

One Response to Reduce Water Exposure to Your Hardwood Floors When It Rains

  1. Haleigh says:

    Hi SteveWhen a wood floor gets wet to where it distorts the wood floor I usulaly suggest removing and replacing the whole floor for several reasons. You will most likely not be able to match the older flooring when patching in with new wood. Secondly, if the floor is now loose then drying it and refinishing it will not fix that. Thirdly, is that any remaining moisture not detected can cause the rest of the flooring to distort further later on as it dries out further. Usually the plywood subfloor would not have to be replaced as it is usulaly a CDX type that can withstand getting wet, as long as it is good shape and not rotted simply allow it to dry out before replacing the wood flooring over it. Using prefinished hardwood flooring avoids the mess and the days of having to stay off the floor before it can be used. I would suggest getting three estimates.

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